Monday, May 23, 2011

No Time Like the Present

I am so very, very behind on blogging. For reals.

School and finals wrapped up the second week of May and things around the house have been non-stop ever since. Gary had a week off right after school let out and we spent some time working around the house and even went out on a totally legit, 100% real grown-up date. Like, there was dinner and everything! So fancy. Then he used the second half of his week off on a boys-only weekend in California with his brother and brother-in-law while I stayed home, spent an evening talking shop and cutting out a quilt with my sister Amy, did what felt like too much yard work and generally tried to maintain my sanity while I had C for an ENTIRE weekend by myself. We both survived AND I got a little bit of a tan, so I'm going to call is a huge success.

Unfortunately, the last several weeks (months?) of school we were both too pooped to cook (or apparently to choose subway over Mcdonalds) and we ate waaaaay too much fast food. Needless to say, I've put on a bit of weight. Well, even more weight...I'm working on it people. Just so you know, I'm not too keen on being photographed in all of my Ruebenesque glory, so for now the blog updates will focus on what's happening around the house and on my increasingly adorable baby. Trust me, you're totally winning in this scenario.

And so, let the marathon of posts commence!

1 comment:

  1. Woot!!

    I'm excited to see your improvements. And I'm excited that my very forgetful brain remembers what Ruebens ladies look like. I wish those were the type of women in modern magazinees--I'd be so IN right now!