Saturday, January 28, 2012

12 in 2012: January

I've started probably half of my 12 in 2012 list but I was starting to worry that I wouldn't finish one this month. Today C pulled her diaper off while she was supposed to be napping and while I was stripping her wet sheets I decided that if I had to change the bedding I might as well take the crib apart and move it into the spare room. I don't know that Gary was all that excited about it, but he was a good sport and helped me switch the rooms. So, just like that I'm done with one of my goals. Mind you, it's not "done", it's just...moved. I'm still playing around with ideas, trying to pick a color scheme (purple and gold or pink and aqua??) so this space will be a "work in progress" for a while, but here is how it has evolved so far:
When we moved in.
My great shame: the "office" phase (aka, the "dump everything in here and close the door so we can pretend this doesn't exist" phase.)

Switching out flooring, repainting (again), and installing new baseboard.

C, all moved in!

I'm pretty sure we're going with the pink and blue color scheme--hence the paper on the wall and color of her play kitchen (which I'll have to address in its own post!) For now though, this room is purely functional as a place for C to sleep and play. Phew, glad to have that one checked on to February's goal!

C Picture Overload

Now that I'm done with school I find myself trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. I still want and need to be productive, but without the structure of deadlines and due dates I've been feeling a little...lost. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours just playing with C. She loves watching her shows and I've been trying to wean her off of so much TV (though I appreciated what a great babysitter tv was during my final semester); I'm not a natural "player" (in any sense of the word, heh.) I have to force myself to slow down and crawl around on my dusty floor while C crawls all over me like I'm her own personal jungle gym. It was surprisingly fun.


Awkward and makeup-less proof that I do exist...even if I'm never in any of the photos on this blog!

Playing with one of her dolls and giving it a kiss. Kind of the most adorable thing you've ever seen.

Of course, we still have to get in at least one viewing of Yo Gabba Gabba or Peppa Pig lest there be a riot, but after all of the hard work of playing it makes for a nice break.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm not messy, I'm creative.

I tend to make a mess when I'm working on a project. Well, Gary calls it a mess, I just say it's part of the creative process. And then I like to leave it out because I almost NEVER finish a project in one sitting. And then my project turns into clutter; before I know it these little piles of not-yet-finished projects start running into each other and then we've lost the dining table. And the island. And a generous portion of the office floor. But really, does ANYONE clean up projects that they know they aren't going to finish til later? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Because did I mention that I love lists?

Working on cleaning up a little around the house and inching towards finishing a few projects. While I wish it were colder this winter, today's weather is just perfection and I can't help but be in a good mood because of it. What are you working on today?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new.

I like lists. I'm a list-maker. I'm pretty sure I've made lists of the lists I need to make. It's probably the biggest reason I enjoy writing my goals for the year when January rolls around and this year I ended up writing 3 or 4 lists of goals. There is the list of personal goals that will happen over the course of a year (keep losing weight, learn to really use my camera and take more pictures, sew more, build more, cook more, socialize more, etc). Then there is the list of goals for our family which always includes what big "project" we want to tackle (last year was replacing all of our flooring and baseboard). A crafting goal list (skirts for me, dresses and pants for C, many more quilts, the pillowcases I bought fabric for 2 years ago...) and finally, FINALLY, the list of twelve things I want to do. This is the "12 Things To Do In 2012" list. My plan is to pick one thing to do each month so that even if I don't cross ANYTHING off of my other lists, at least these 12 simple things will happen. 

12 in 2012
  1. Plant a Tree
  2. Build a playhouse (or an outdoor sectional. or a kitchen table.)
  3. Go on a trip (without family and without visiting family!)
  4. Start and finish a quilt
  5. Potty train Cora
  6. Post on the blog every day for a month
  7. Move C into her big girl room
  8. Finally organize the office top to bottom
  9. Go Camping
  10. Finish caulking/sanding/painting all of the baseboard in our house
  11. Change my hair color
  12. Compile a proper recipe book

I'm off to a pretty good start I think since I finally re-started a quilt for a friend's baby girl. I'm about 80% done with the piecing and I bought material for the backing and binding today...I'm quite sure that the quilt which was meant to be a baby shower gift will be done by the end of January (only 11 or so months late) so it can be a 1st birthday gift! This year is off to a good start.