Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot Tub, Hot Mess

So for those of you who followed my last blog or who have been to our home, you may recall that a large portion of our *very* modest yard was dedicated to one very large hot tub. One very large, very nice hot tub. That we used once.

I really think that we would have used it more except that by the time it was cool enough to get in, I was pregnant and told that hot tubbing was a no-go plus, to be perfectly honest, I am not really a hot-tubbing kind of girl. It just smacks of communal bath to me, and that? That totally skeeves me out. Also there is the whole kid-safety It had to go.

About a month or so ago I mentioned to my brother that he and his significant other should totally take it and that if they paid for an electrician to tie off the power to the behemoth, it was all his. Honestly though, I seriously didn't think they would take me up on my offer. But they did. I was floored. And ecstatic. See, they are super social. They will use it. This crazy-nice hot tub deserves a home like theirs. I'm so happy for the three of them. 

There really isn't much to say about seeing it go except this:
a) The slogan for the crane company? "We Get It Up Fast Every Time"  I. Love. This. Seriously hilarious. Especially because the owner is like a thousand years old. And super nice, in a grandfatherly way.
b) We all gathered outside to watch the crane lift the hot tub out of our yard like total nerds. I'm pretty sure that the kids next door were out watching too, but Gary was more excited and impressed than any of them. It's the manchild within.
c) Underneath the hot tub was a perfectly GORGEOUS slab just begging us to build a playhouse on top of it. Be patient sweet slab, your time will come.




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