Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Dose of C

Warning: Gratuitous Number of Pictures of C Ahead!
C loves to "help" me by pulling out all of her toys and clothes that I just put away.

Dusty floors, dirty windows...but who cares when there are doggies to look at outside?

C just can't get enough of looking out of this the cinderblock wall outside.

She likes the tactile quality of books, but has no patience for sitting in my lap while I read to her from one.

Drooly chins= new tooth on the way.

On her way to walking!

And because I just can't help perfectly does her cloth diaper match her little dress?!

The only thing better than playing with Daddy is playing with Daddy and his cell phone.

Not the most flattering picture but it does show off her one tooth...since this was taken last week she had a second bottom tooth come through!

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  1. That picture of C from behind, looking out the window is DIVINE!!