Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's that time of the year...

Hmmm, only 5 weeks left in school with three research papers to write and a large stack of books still to read...time to do some home improvement! Because I would rather chew off my own leg than do homework. For reals.

There are only 3 spaces in my house that still have the paint from the previous owner. Only 3!! One is this little pass-way that goes from the great room into the master bedroom (soon to be the same Silver Birch as the kitchen area) and the two bathrooms. I'm a wee bit stumped on what to do with these spaces since a) they are itty bitty and b) we don't have the moolah to do the major projects we would like to do (including ripping out the linoleum floors and builder-grade vanities and replacing them with tile and something more custom.)

I've put up some shower curtains and thrown down some bath mats, but other than that I just haven't been able to wrap my mind around putting any work into a room that we want to overhaul within the next 2-3 years. I mean, isn't that just throwing money away? Maybe?

Anyway, I still don't know what I'm going to do in the guest room, but the master bath has been going through some transitions lately. Here is the quick breakdown:

1. Find cute towel at World Market--ooh! This is what I want to base the bathroom scheme on!
2. Oh joy! I have seeeeveral "tester pots" of paint that totally match the colors of the inspiration towel! I will use these pots to paint a mural that mimics the floral pattern on the towel but in a LARGE scale that will take up a whole wall!
3. Duh! I HATE murals!! And floral patterns!!
4. 3 weeks pass with crappy mural (oh yeah, I can't paint stuff like that freehand) still on bathroom wall, mocking me every time I look at it, laughing at me while I shower, talking some smack while I do my hair in the morning...I. Hate. Mural.
5. Solution! I will just paint over mural with blue-ish, green-ish color I have! Brilliant!
6. Blarg, this color looks like chlorine. If chlorine had a color. Just as bad as mural.

7. I find some frames I bought two years ago...these are good frames and they have a nice peacock color in them. Hmmmm...

8. At Home Depot I color-match peacock color to paint. Should I just buy a sample to try it out? NOPE! I will take a quart please!
9. Get home. Start painting. Good hell...this is a mighty, mighty color. Am afraid.
10. First coat is not making fun of me...okay, maybe it's not so bad.
11. Second coat is going on. This is looking good...

12. TV is calling me. No third coat tonight. Shutup.

Anyone else ditching homework (or housework?) to throw paint on the walls all willy-nilly?

***EDIT: Just kidding, TV failed me and after Biggest Loser nothing else worth watching was on, soooo I finished the third coat. There are some spots that need touch-ups, the edges need to be cut in, and that bald spot is where a nail is stuck in the wall and I can't find my hammer to pull it out, but other than that I think I'm done! Woot! And the color isn't really true in my pictures, but it is most like the color in the bottom picture (taken from the bedroom looking into the bathroom.)*** 


  1. I love peacock blue! You're just doing the one wall as an accent, right? Looks great and I think the frames & towels coordinate perfectly!

  2. HAHAHAHA great post! You remember my hall bathroom is painted a rather freakish shade of turquoise, yes? I kept having an "oh-no-what-have-I-done?" attack while painting, but got used to it very quickly. I LOOOOOVE the inspiration towels for you. Those are fab.

  3. Would like to see a photo of the bathroom complete with all the accessories, I love your style.