Sunday, April 15, 2012


A bit of what we've been up to  in the last week or so:

Too much crafting. I can't seem to focus on one project for very long.

A little project featuring words from OUR SONG, inspired by THIS.

Easter. I tried to straighten C's hair only to discover a million cowlicks on the top of her head. Hence the crazy hair. It reminds me very much of this guy.

Time with family. My sister in law is in town (hooray!) and has brought her two kids along. Little J is only a couple of months younger than C and watching them together is like overdosing on cuteness. Cousin B is three years older but she is a champ at tolerating C's need to hug and annoy her. Loving it.

Spring cleaning. My list is too long. Like, literally a couple hundred things to do. I'm chipping away at it slowly, but I keep getting distracted by all of the crafts I'd rather do (see above).

Playdates. Lately whenever I tell C we are going to get in the car she instantly asks me for Jenny and June. I love it.

Thrifting. As long as I'm dropping off stuff at Goodwill from spring cleaning, I might as well take a peek at what they have, right?
Brand new baby Minnetonkas for $2! I. Die.

Growing. Our little garden is thriving. My Early Girl tomato bush already has 8 to 10 little green tomatoes on it, and the beans, corn, zucchini and okra are looking great too!

Trying to entertain a certain fussy toddler who, as it turns out, is cutting four teeth at the same time. I would be fussy too.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lovey for sweet June

C's little friend June (daughter of my dear friend Jenny) turned one last month. I finally finished her quilt (which was meant to be a gift for Jenny's baby shower!) I have to say in spite of the many, MANY issues (corners not meeting up properly, the scrappy nature of the piecing, etc) I really loved this quilt. It was a hard one to give away but I can think of no little girl I'd rather gift it to.  I hand quilted this while I watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and this will not be the last time I do it! It lends such a charm to a quilt and was much easier than I thought it would be.

These colors just make me so happy! Almost all of the fabrics are Denise Schmidt prints.

Close up of the hand quilting.

I hand stitched the binding on to match.

Close up of the back.
It's a smallish quilt, somewhere between a baby size and a doll size. I'm calling it a carseat quilt...just the right size for snuggling while on a long drive.

Happy Birthday Ba'june!

Monday, April 2, 2012

A little artsy, a little fartsy.

I'm sprucing up the master bedroom. Or re-doing it. Or just doing it for the first time really. Whatevs.

I bought two of these bamboo frames from goodwill for 6 bucks a pop. As um, lovely as the prints are I decided to swap them out. I painted the frame gold with some Martha Stewart craft paint, painted the mat black to cover up the faded green bits, pulled out a bit of map from an old atlas and called it good. Except that since this is going in our room I decided to pick a map with personal meaning for Gary.

A sweet little heart over Scotland, where he spent two years teaching and serving for our church.

What about you? Anyone else working on a neglected space in their home? Have you whipped up any art lately?