Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Over this past weekend (Sunday morning through Tuesday morning for us) we finally took the plunge and started laying our laminate flooring. And we. were. stoked.

And then we started laying the floors and it became almost immediately apparent that what we thought would be a super-easy home improvement project was considerably more tricky than we anticipated. I distinctly remember the phrase "we should be able to knock this out in a two or three hours max!" being uttered. Hah. Famous last words, right?

61 boxes equaling just over 1200 square feet. Yeesh.

Yeah, and he's alllll mine.

Before. So very very gross.

Getting rid of the gross.

Lucky us, in the interim this is what our living room looks like. So chic, right?

And done! All installed, floors swept and cleaned and GORGEOUS!

We only put the laminate down in the master bedroom and closet for now and it gave us a chance to work out the kinks and establish a good system for getting this stuff down. Mostly our system consisted of Gary laying the floor while I directed. Shocker, right? Although to be fair I did do a lot of the "demo" while Gary was off making room in the garage for the carpet to sit. 

Now that the floor is in we have new baseboard to install, the walls to paint (yeah...should have done that first) and furniture to move in. And because I don't have enough on our to-do list I decided to tweak our bed and add on a proper headboard. And then paint it. And then we have to put the flooring down in the rest of the house. But at least we don't have school starting again next week.

Oh wait....


  1. Mmmmm I'm drooling...

    That looks gorgeous and I'm severely jealous. You'll have to tell me how much this stuff runs because I DEFINITELY want to do it. Someday.

  2. Hey, I have a stack of flooring just like that. In my garage. Waiting to go down in the kitchen & family room. We're waiting on kitchen changes before we do the rest. Looks great!