Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Red and Little Red

I like play dates with Jenny and June. I get the chance to talk face to face with another adult, get out of the house, and C gets to play with June which is great since they are destined to be dear friends for life. Do you hear me girls? For LIFE. I mean, they are two daughters of two friends who have known each other since the awkward days of prepubescence, they're only 8 months apart, and they're both redheads! The universe has spoken ladies. This is happening.

This last shot is very possibly my favorite picture of C ever. Why play on the slide when you can get yourself stuck in the fence?

Because it's either this or eat my body weight in Thin Mints

I'm so behind on blogging. I still have Christmas, my graduation, a wedding, a concert and a baby to post about. But honestly, I'm super burned out and all I want to do is curl up under a pile of quilts with some cookies or french fries. Because it is less fatty I'm going to share some shots from a mini shoot I did the other day. My cousin had her baby girl about a week ago and I got to play around with her while taking some newborn pictures and I have to say, she was delicious. It's ALMOST enough to make me want another. Almost.

Baby feet are my favorite things. Ever.

I love pictures of infants crying. Not in a weird way, I just love to capture that side of them because all too soon the crying goes from something sweet and pitiful to nails on a chalkboard.