Monday, May 23, 2011

Let there be light!

Gary and I have this list of everything we want to do to our house before we sell it and move on. It's our "put sweat equity into this place but also love what we end up with in case we get stuck here for 10 years intstead of 5" list. And this list is like eight pages long. Yikes.

But last week we got to cross off two of those items. One was the hot tub, and the second item was replacing the builder-grade track lighting in our kitchen with some pendant lights. You guys, I can't even tell you how happy I was to have this done. See, we have our stuff listed in a general order of priority so we know where to put our money first, and lighting was so far down on the list it wasn't even funny. But when Jordan and Trevor took the hot tub out, Trevor very generously offered to pay the electrician (who was already tying up the electric lines to the now-absent hot tub) to do some extra work on our house. Um, ok!

See the old lights there at the tippy-top? So gross.

Excuse the general mess and the sheet on the island. This was right after installation! So in love.

Stainless steel echoes the nickel hardware on the cabinets (and the someday hopefully stainless steel appliances!)

The lights are from Ikea, and though they aren't on the website they should be in your local store if you are interested, and the best part is that they are only $30 a pop! I looked around the interweb and not even HD or Lowes had something comparable at that price point. Sweet. They add just the right touch of outdoorsy-industrialness to the kitchen and my ONLY complaint is that the halogen light bulbs in them are waaaay too bright. I just need to track down some nice warm, soft CFLs and they will be complete perfection.

Up next in the kitchen? Butcherblock countertops and a white subway tile backsplash!


  1. Nice choice! Those are beautiful. I'm so glad you are doing all these things so that we can consult you when we are ready to hang our lights too! hardy har har

  2. I remember that day, I was in my kitchen on the phone with my midwife and I turned around and hey! There was a man's head popping over the fence. And I thought "I guess I'm glad I'm not giving birth here at the moment" Then I found my boy and told him to go look out his bedroom window so he could watch the crane. Made his day.
    Anyway, I love your lights, I noticed them in a more recent post and was tinged with jealousy, still operating with the nasty builder track over here.
    By the way, just got my first cloth diapers in the mail today. I've got them in the wash now so I can put them to use in the morning. I'm so thrilled it's a little bit ridiculous.