Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear C

Dear C,

Where has the time gone?! A couple weeks ago you turned 9 months old and I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. You are still the happiest baby I have ever known. You love everyone and everyone loves you...I never get tired of people stopping to talk to you or compliment your beautiful red hair and cute chunky legs. Already I can see that you have a special soul, an inner light that cheers all who meet you.
Your red hair is perfection.
You love to talk to and flirt with people at church and at the store. In fact you talk almost non-stop! It cracks me up! You still love your grammy and Aunt Carly, Auntie Abbie and April (who we call Aunty Apey). You are finally warming up to Grandma and Grandpa Reid.

You still love to see other children and babies, although you aren't usually sure what you are supposed to do with them when playing. I need to find someone with a baby close to your age so you can have play dates...if you weren't so naturally social I would worry that you weren't getting enough socialization!

You aren't walking yet, and even though I thought at one time that you would definitely be walking by ten months, now I'm not so sure. You can stand on your own for at least 8 seconds, but you don't like taking steps unless we are holding your hands. That is really okay with me because you already zip around pretty darn fast while you crawl, and you are an old pro at walking along furniture. You also really enjoy your walker, but you have a knack for ramming it into my ankles (ouch!). You especially like to walk to the back door to look for the "dah" or "dahdee" (dog and doggy), and while I'm cooking you like to stand behind me and wave to the baby you see in the reflection of the dishwasher (this cracks me up every. single. time.)

Memorial Day at the were most excited about the doggies!

Trying to get a good look at Char.

Your tooth is just adorable!

Your favorite things are applejuice, going for walks in your stroller, Pokey and your "datd" (daddy). You love to sit under the piano at Grammy's house while Uncle Logan plays. You like when Auntie Abbie chases you and you love to chase Aunt Carly's cats while you are in your walker. You love to eat you solids and get frustrated with the bottle because you want to hurry and finish so you can sit back up and look around.

You love your Daddy!
At your 9 months checkup you weighed in at 22 pounds (75th percentile) and 31 inches (97th percentile still!) so I think you are going through a growth spurt! This is the first checkup where you were in a lower weight percentile than your height percentile. You are a tall, tall girl though. You are growing out of 18 month sizes and you're into 24 month clothes, and you even have a couple pairs of 2T shorts! You also have two teeth that have popped through on the bottom in the last 4 weeks. Grammy thinks you have another making its way through on top but I can't see or feel them yet.

I'm so excited to see what the next month brings. You are growing up so fast and you are looking less and less like my baby and more like my little girl every day. Happy 9 months C!



  1. Awesome update! We're also glad C is warming up to us! We love her! *hugs*

    G'ma & g'pa Reid

  2. Cute! Crazy she's already 9 months!