Friday, July 8, 2011

Fathers Day Recap

I know this is like, a month late. And that it is going to be 90% pictures. I know that 5 out of 7 of you probably don't care about stuff like this. I know. It's okay. I promise I'll be back later with something non-family related though, and then you will like me again, right?

On Mother's Day I was all "hey wake up early and make me breakfast and buy me flowers and watch the baby so I can sleep in til like 10 and then we have to do EVERYTHING THAT I WANT TO DO. ALL DAY. And also give me little gifts all day and maybe we will go out to dinner and buy me some shoes too." Then on Father's Day I was like "hey, can you get up and we'll get breakfast burritos because I don't want to make breakfast and then you can watch the kid while I sleep in til 10 because it is father's day and you should spend it acting like the father that you are. And later I will give you a card and a gift and that is all."

Yeah, I'm a good wife.

But I did give him a good gift that he was totally excited about. Or so he says. Photographic evidence to follow:

C loves her cousins, and Mitch is so sweet with her!

Gramma Reid's face = priceless. Trying to keep C from falling off the step...I think.

Grandpa Reid

Gary either looks like a loving father or some kind of super pedophile here.

Uncle Jason

C is adorable. All of the time. Also, I think Gary has partaken of some kind of crazy fountain of youth, because homeslice looks straight up 19 here. Crazy.

I think it is hilarious that anytime someone is opening a gift all of the kids swarm around them to get the first look.

Cute little (almost) family!

See? Cute all of the time, just like I said.

This is the best shot of Gary's gift that I have. Lame of me. It is an art print of Scotland and I had it framed up all nice. We're trying to do more meaningful gifts and I personally would like to collect more original (and limited printing) art pieces. I'll have to try and get a shot of this hanging in it's new location.

Oh yeah, I was there too. Not that you would ever know that I am at ANYTHING since I'm the one taking all the pictures. I think the solution is to adopt a professional photographer as my grown-child and then make them do the dirty work. That or a tripod. I'm still trying to decide.

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