Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progress in the Living Room

This weekend Gary and I finished up the bookshelves for the office and made a couple for the living room too. We're trying to fill out that huge empty wall so you don't just see a TV when you walk into our house.
Before. And, actually this looks pretty good for our house these days.

And now! Over the weekend Gary built the two bookshelves (I primed/painted) and hung the floating shelves. More storage = awesome. We're loving that the wall finally looks more finished with the new furniture and my next job is to tweak the styling. And also finish putting the room back together. And clean. Also the new flooring is going into this room in the next couple of weeks. Yeesh.
If you have any ideas/thoughts/suggestions for what should go on the shelves PLEASE feel free to offer your suggestions! The shelves are fairly sturdy, but I don't want to load them down (literally or visually) with books, especially because most of them are going into the office anyway BUT, I also don't want to cover them with knick knacks. Our dvds are all in the dresser so we don't need to put those up either...decisions, decisions....


  1. I'm digging your shelves but styling/selecting accessories is not my forte. I'm great at heaping any available space with junk though so if you need help with that give me a call!

  2. Ooooooo! I love every little bit of this.