Saturday, July 9, 2011

Floored Part Deux

I'm back with more flooring progress. We actually put the flooring in C's room a while ago but I don't feel like going in her room and turning on lights to take I don't think she would appreciate being so rudely awakened at 12:30 at night.

Instead I'm going to give you all a little sneaky-peek into what we're doing with the former-guest-room-turned-dumping-ground-for-all-our-random-crap-turned-new-office-space. You still with me? I should probably start by showing you what we started with and how we got to where we are now so that you can appreciate the "sexy bling room" that is now unfolding (I kid you not, this is how Gary described the room when I showed him my inspiration for the room's new direction. I died laughing.)

Before: Beige. Boxy. Boring.
Guest Room: I didn't hate this incarnation, but we only had guests stay here once. For like a day. Then my niece decided to get all allergic to our dog's saliva and her face ballooned up and she looked like Sloth from Goonies. The cutest Sloth you've ever seen, but still.... So this room ended up being a catch-all for every random item that came into the house.
Flooring in, just need to add the new base trim.

Flooring and base in! Now to figure out furniture placement...

Looking toward the door. You can see some of my fabric in the closet. One side is for my craft/sewing junk and the other is food storage.

Temporary desk. This is what we had going on in the other room: a hollow core door (I think we paid 5 bucks for it at the Restore) on ikea sawhorse-style legs. Not a bad set up, but it's not going to work for what I have planned in here.

Need new window treatments. We're definitely ditching the nasty cheapo plastic blinds for the faux-wood style we put in the nursery, and I think I will try and re-use the white drapes but add some trim or print block a design on them.

The plan: One shelf is built already, the other just needs to be sanded and painted. We will load them up with office supplies nicely hidden in coordinating storage boxes. The large frame on the left is an old print in a big frame that I picked up from Savers 2 or 3 years ago for like, $8. It's rad. The other 3 are things I'm working on and will show you later. Have to give you a reason to come back you know.

So the general plan is to paint up that bookshelf and get it into the room this weekend. Gary has two more bookshelves just like these he is making for the living room and then he is making two tall thin shelves for either side of the office desk (this is where we will put my gabillion books.) So the to-do list for the office is:

* paint and bring in low bookshelf
* buy storage boxes from ikea
* finish hanging wall art
* build two tall shelves (and prime/paint them)
* figure out the office desk situation (reclaimed/pallet top with chrome legs)
* figure out/build my roll-out desk (more on that on another post)
* window treatments (trim vs painted print?)
* new blinds
* buy and install ceiling fan with light (ugly by necessary here in the desert)
* find and purchase a rug
* find a slipper chair for a decent price (craigslist maybe? hopefully?)

It's quite a list, and not one we expect to finish any time in the next 4 months...or next 4 years. Kidding. I hope. I'll throw up a post later this weekend with my color scheme inspiration for this "sexy bling room" (ha!) and a few more in-progress shots.

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  1. I love the new floors. The color and width is perfect. So cute.