Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When it rains, it pours,

I think the thrifting fates must have known this is my Birthday Week (what? Don't you spend a whole week celebrating your birthday?) because for the first time in a looooong time, thrifting wasn't a total bust. In fact, when I stopped at my favorite Goodwill yesterday I found a TON of stuff that wanted to come home with me! Unfortunately I have about a hundred projects waiting to be done already so I had to pass on about 4 mcm desks, a handful of mirrors that just needed a lick of paint on the frames, and three armchairs that were just begging for a spot in my house. What I couldn't bear to leave behind were a blue velvet armchair with matching ottoman (pictures coming soon), an end table that was a bit of a gamble and is going to need some light refinishing and an old school desk. Of the three I am definitely most excited about the armchair but I have high hopes that the little desk is going to end up as a sweet little showpiece in the house.

 But I'm not going to lie, there is a chance that it will be one of those projects that I finish half-way and then abandon because this thing is so. so. gross. As in, I almost don't want to tell you how gross because then you won't want to come over or be friends anymore.

Aside from the dirt and grime, the peeling-laminate top covered with faded contact paper and the rusted little feet...there was definitely pee on this thing. Aaah! I can't believe I told you that! You guys, it was soooo nasty! I tried bathing this thing with 409 but when that wasn't strong enough I used straight-up bleach to get the stuff off. It was harrowing and I am scarred for life. True story. But now that it is more or less clean, I'm ready to tackle the gross, chippy-but-not-in-a-cute-way's hoping I can get down to the metal and make this sister shine. Cross your fingers for me!

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