Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Office Inspiration

We've been hard at work all weekend building, sanding and painting bookshelves for the great room and the office. Progress in the office is on hold until the paint cures on the shelving, but I did get two of the four pieces of art up on the wall and there are navy paint chips up (not for the walls, but I'll go in to that more on another post!) Until we can get more done in that room I'll share a little of my inspiration for the space. We're going to leave the current wall colors (medium and suuuuuper light greys) with nice white trim, while working in navy, white, gold and possibly chrome. I think the right shade of navy paired with gold is so so luxe so I'm crossing my fingers that this will translate to our little grey room. 

West Coast Hampton traditional living room
***Love the wall color, chrome table legs, and warm worn leather*** 

Painting a chair could be a great way to bring in the navy without having to paint the walls.
via pinterest

I cannot get over how beautiful that glossy finish is on the wall. I'm also digging the warm wood tones, the octopus art and the curtains (I would LOVE to find something similar if you've seen them around!)
This room has is all: dark floors, wood tones, white floor-length curtains, light rug tempering all of the dark, antique brass light fixture. Yes. Yes please.

We also have to address seating in the room since both Gary and I will need our own chairs. I'm hoping to find something upholstered and crossing my fingers that Gary will agree to something other than the gross rolling, faux leather monstrosity he has now (though in its defense it is super comfy) and here are the two I'm considering:
via pinterest                         

This is a tutorial for hand painting an ikat style design onto ikea slipcovers. If I could find this chair on craigslist then this is totally the way I would go for Gary's chair. 
via target
This chair is perfection BUT it's out of my price price range being free to very very cheap. Sigh. 

So that is more or less what we're aiming for in our little office space. It's definitely more stylish than the rest of the house (or at least more polished and less...eclectic?) but I'm hoping it's something we can live with. Or not. I don't exactly mind redecorating, you know?

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  1. I love that navy! I think those chairs are great too. Very sophisticated. :)