Thursday, March 8, 2012

This and That

A little bit of what's on my mind:

* I feel like I can't quite get 100% healthy this year. A car accident, the flu, strep throat, and now a sinus infection. Or maybe I'm dying. Possibly the black lung. I'm sure that if I went to the doctor they could tell me but between crawling under the covers and blowing through 2 boxes of Kleenex in 36 hours I don't really have time to go in.

* C had her 18 month checkup today. She's back up in the 75th percentile for weight and 95th for height. Tall, tall girl. Her ped was super impressed by her word count (almost 200 with several phrases and sentences on top of that). Most kids her age have around ten. Pardon me while I brag, but I think my kid is a genius. She talks almost nonstop at home (never mind that she is shy around adults) but she can ALSO count to six. Sometimes I have to help her remember '2' but I'm not going to hold it against her. On top of that she went #2 in the potty today. We're not even potty training yet and all it took was her daddy asking if she needed to poopy on the potty. She ran on her sweet fat little legs to her little potty chair. I think she might be a genius. Does anyone know where I can get a baby IQ tested?

* I have a "12 in 2012" post to make. I actually checked off February's item on the last day of January, but I've been so busy being sick and planning a baby shower that I have yet to take a picture.

* Local band Bears of Manitou are releasing their first album this month. They're so rad and I'm pumped to blast them on my iPod while I drive. It will be a nice change up from the Banana song from Yo Gabba Gabba and "I've Got a Dream" from Tangled. These are the ONLY songs C will listen to in the car without yelling at me.

* Have you seen this video? Hilarious. Thanks to my little brother for bringing it to my attention.

* I can't find a picture to add to this post. Let's pretend that I took a totally rad/hilarious/adorable photo and shared it with you and it is relevant to some part of this post. Also let's pretend like this post wasn't just a bunch of brain vomit and you still want to be friends, m'kay?

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  1. She totally could be a genius. Honest. She's got some pretty serious skills for one so small.

    And that Buffalo guy was weird... maybe I'm too tired to laugh at it... Sorry.

    PS--that picture you posted was rad, hilarious, and adorable!!