Saturday, March 24, 2012

12 In 2012: February and March

So I know I'm a bit behind on February's post for my 12 In 2012 goals but I'm just going to roll it into this post as well. I'm pretty sure you don't mind.

For March we decided to go on a trip without family where the destination would also not be to visit family. Sounds like no big deal I'm sure, but people we have not been on a vacation of any kind with just the two of us SINCE OUR HONEYMOON!! What the what??! I'm not even sure how that happens. And in all of the (very modest) vacations we have taken in the last 5 years, only one of those was without family members! We love our family and all, but we were itchin' for a chance to get away just the two of us.

So. When I heard that one of my very favorite bands was playing in Tucson this weekend AND we got our tax refund, we figured there was no better time to head off for a little mini trip. It really is a shame that they were playing in Tucson though...Gary aptly described it as the New Jersey of Arizona. It's gross. It's dusty. It has the most ridiculous traffic I've ever seen, especially considering that it's neither a large city nor a very cosmopolitan one.

Since this post is getting awfully wordy, I'll just flood the rest with pictures. (Please excuse me for posting crappy phone pics, but I didn't want to lug around the DSLR.)

View from our room...surprisingly lovely.

We had to move out of our first hotel room because there were a ton of BEES in the bedroom!! Good ol' Tucson.

Dinner at Pita of our all time fav eateries.

Fun. There are no words for how amazing these guys are live. Nate Russ was incredible way back when he was in the Format, but I think he has really come into his own with this new group. There is such joy in Fun's music and the acoustics and sound balancing in the Rialto was the BEST I've ever heard in a concert. Un. Real.

After the show we were so pooped that we crashed in our (unbelievably uncomfortable) sleep number bed and fell asleep while watching tv and eating pringles. Don't judge.

The next morning. Gary has a music hangover.

Breakfast: my first ever eggs benny...delicious!

The last thing we did before heading home--a couple's mani/pedi date!

I got the gel/shellac treatment on my nails and toes and this stuff in INCREDIBLE! I think it may literally be bulletproof.

Teddy Grahams = premium road trip snacks.

***Did you guess how I fulfilled February's 12 in 2012? Ahem, my hair is no longer blonde! I went dark brown with auburn tones. I reaaaalllly wanted to go full red but after trying samples against my skin tone my stylist helped me see that I basically look like a chubby clown with true red.***

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  1. You've inspired me: now I want a mini-vacation... and maybe some shellac nails... and some pringles... Looks like a great time! Glad you went for it. :)