Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random bit of random.

Today was a rough day. I think I said "no", "stop", "don't touch", and "go to the corner" more in four hours than I have in the last four weeks. C has re-entered what my friend Shanna refers to as the schizophrenic drug addict phase. 

I had hoped to finally post the shower I co-hosted for my friend a couple weeks ago, but instead I want to talk about C's hair. Her red baby hair never fell out (I guess this is a thing that happens?) and instead it's grown out in weird stringy straight bits, while underneath her hair is growing in strawberry blonde and super curly. If I don't get the kid in ponytails her hair is...well, not cute. It's like a bad toupee that she's wearing over pretty hair.

Le gross, right?


  1. I would NEVER call her gross, but I have to admit, it looks like a bad comb-over. Yikes!!!

  2. I know right?! Of course she isn't gross, she is lovely (usually). That hair's so bizzaro!

  3. At least it's long enough to do ponytails right? :)