Monday, August 5, 2013

AT The Style Cure: Holy Embarrassing Batman

Is anyone else doing the Apartment Therapy Style Cure right now? (more info HERE) I desperately need the motivation to FINALLY gut/clean/organize/decorate our office, especially since Gary has all but abandoned it and it's mine (ALL mine). Today's assignment is to take the "before" pictures, and I was thinking that if I share them here, for all the world to see then just maybe I will like, feel accountable. Or something. Crossing my fingers that the shame of what I'm about to show you will propel me into action. The pictures are dimly lit for a reason (I don't want you to see the full extent of this train wreck). Behold:

Rickety card table = CLASS.

One sad plant hanging in the window. Nice.

Very fancy temporary "design wall" for my quilting. I think having batting pinned to the wall really adds something, don't you?

Totally ugly builder grade closet doors that never got painted to match the trim.

The office supply side of the closet storage.

Our "food storage". Half of this is expired I think. Also this side houses paper plates, napkins, party supplies, a few random Halloween costumes and my wrapping paper. This is deluxe. 

You guys, this is bad. Obviously I'm one precariously stacked pile of cardboard shoe boxes that are "too nice to just throw away" from qualifying for an intervention on Hoarders. Enter the Style Cure. I am giving myself one month and pretty much no budget to turn this janky pileup of junk into an organized and FULLY FUNCTIONAL space. Pray for me.

Edit: Looky what I did! I used an app called Room Scan to make a floorplan with measurements! It's 91 square feet of sadness and chaos.


  1. This is awesome. You can do it!

  2. So funny holly, you have such a way with words! Hey I wouldn't mind coming over to help you organize that is so my cup of tea! Anything and everything related to interior design is well WONDERFUL...