Saturday, June 29, 2013

B's Nursery Tour

In absolutely no particular order, here are the pictures Bran's room in its (mostly) finished glory. Please excuse the terrible phone-quality pictures, but my camera is being used by my mom and so this will have to do for now. Everything in this room came together from what we already had, with the exception of the rug, which I love in general, but kind of hate for this room specifically. It just feels too busy in person, but in the pictures it really doesn't look so bad. At any rate, the price was right and it is a nice plush wool so the kids can roll around on it.This room is really terrifically awkward: it is the smallest room in the house, has two weird angled walls, a window squished in another corner (WHY do builders do this?!!), and there is basically only one layout I could work with. It is more or less exactly the same room that Cora came home to: same crib, same dresser, both in the same place. 

I love the hex shelves Gary built. Plans are from A Beautiful Mess, found HERE.

Curtains over the closet. We removed the doors when Cora was a baby and I love that I can put away baby clothes without waking sleeping babes.

I bought one extra belt for this shelf and used a second belt and scrap wood we already had on hand. I don't know how I feel about the lamp, but I need a light source and this is honestly the least awkward place I could put this. Still, I love this little shelf. It feels so rustic and manly.

Thrift store painting that I found years ago for $7. I love it. Like, so so much. Felt triangle garland made by me.

I made Bran this dreamcatcher using a couple of tutorials from Pinterest. It was stupid easy. Anyone want to come make more dreamcatchers with me?

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