Monday, April 2, 2012

A little artsy, a little fartsy.

I'm sprucing up the master bedroom. Or re-doing it. Or just doing it for the first time really. Whatevs.

I bought two of these bamboo frames from goodwill for 6 bucks a pop. As um, lovely as the prints are I decided to swap them out. I painted the frame gold with some Martha Stewart craft paint, painted the mat black to cover up the faded green bits, pulled out a bit of map from an old atlas and called it good. Except that since this is going in our room I decided to pick a map with personal meaning for Gary.

A sweet little heart over Scotland, where he spent two years teaching and serving for our church.

What about you? Anyone else working on a neglected space in their home? Have you whipped up any art lately?

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