Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because it's either this or eat my body weight in Thin Mints

I'm so behind on blogging. I still have Christmas, my graduation, a wedding, a concert and a baby to post about. But honestly, I'm super burned out and all I want to do is curl up under a pile of quilts with some cookies or french fries. Because it is less fatty I'm going to share some shots from a mini shoot I did the other day. My cousin had her baby girl about a week ago and I got to play around with her while taking some newborn pictures and I have to say, she was delicious. It's ALMOST enough to make me want another. Almost.

Baby feet are my favorite things. Ever.

I love pictures of infants crying. Not in a weird way, I just love to capture that side of them because all too soon the crying goes from something sweet and pitiful to nails on a chalkboard.


  1. So sweet! And I love the crying pictures too, just to show all the different sides of a baby, and because, believe it or not, I miss those baby crying faces when they're older and crying about totally ridiculous things!!

  2. These are beautiful and she's so cute!!

  3. What a beautiful little one! Great job on the photos!

  4. She is adorable! I hear you in wanting to eat your weight in thin mints! :O) Don't beat yourself for being behind. That last one is so cute!! Love the pillow with the headband and the soft shadows on her face!! Thanks for sharing!