Friday, November 4, 2011

Too Many Choices!

So I mentioned that C's big girl room needs to come together like, yesterday. We're moving her into a bigger room across the hall which is CRAZY exciting because:
* Um, hello! I get to decorate a whole new room. It's like Christmas has come early!
* The space is already painted with the flooring AND baseboard installed (though I do need to sand/touch-up paint/caulk half of the base still) so I pretty much just have to move in furniture and get to the fun part of decorating.
* Her nursery was painted before we knew if we were have a boy or girl so it was blue. And while I LOVE that blue, I'm excited to do something a little more girly and polished for this room, because frankly, it's only going to be a few years before she decides she is emo or into Pokemon or whatever annoying things the youths are into these days. I'm dreading the day when she gets to decide how to decorate her own space.
*There are FOUR walls!!! And three of them are big walls! Her nursery is the smallest room in the house and it has two normal walls, one wall that is all closet doors, two weird slanty walls and one wall with a window stuck on one side of it. It was a space-planning nightmare. There are so many possibilities with this new room!
* The closet doors are already painted with chalkboard paint so we can start drawing as soon as she moves in!

And also, there are about a million more reasons why this is exciting. I think about it all of the time. All. Of. The. Time.

BUT I need some help...I've been planning on a pink and aqua bedroom for a while because it feels feminine without being too girly. And then I started seeing more and more rooms that I *might* like better. Now I'm all confused. I'm like the girl on Say Yes To The Dress who can't pick a wedding dress because there may be a prettier more perfect dress out there.

So here is my starting point with the pink and aqua. Let me know what you think!  
Via Ohdeedoh
Via The Lark Blog

Via Shelterness

Via A Beautiful Mess
Via Lay Baby Lay
Source Unknown (but if you know who deserves credit PLEASE let me know!)

This post is already getting too long, so I'll be back another day with the other color options I am considering...until then, feel free to weigh in on the pink and teal. What do you think? I feel like it may be overdone and I don't want to get tired of it too fast. Is it too girly?

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  1. Everything you touch turns to gold so I'm sure whatever you decide will be amazing. I do love the pink and teal room from Lay Baby Lay.