Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And then she was one.

Last month (um...a full month ago already!) we celebrated C's birthday. We invited our family and close friends to come celebrate our funny little redhead with some cupcakes and lemonade. Because I am terribly, TERRIBLY overdue in getting this posted I am going to heavy on the pictures and light on the text. Enjoy!

Noelle and C's cousin Connor (they're only 2 weeks apart in age!)

The birthday girl and her mommy

I made her little lemon top for her party and grabbed some hot pink bloomers from the thrift store to save myself the extra work.

Hi, I'm Connor and I'm adorable.

Post-party, feeling exhausted and ready for a long nap!

lemon cakes, turkey pinwheels, mini fruit pizzas, hummus, cupcakes...

So grateful for our friends and family who came to celebrate! Across the tv you can see the photo banner I made of pictures of C from ultrasound to today!

Her favorite Aunt Carly

Cotton Candy favors!

My SIL made C the sweetest little ruffle dress and matching headband!

C had plenty of little friends to help play with her presents

Time for the cake in the bib I made her...which turned out MUCH too large! I think I was sleep-deprived when I was making it...

C wasn't too impressed. She doesn't like her fingers getting dirty so there was no crazy cake-smashing and rubbing the icing all over her face...

This is as messy as she got...

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  1. She is sooo sooo cute! Connor has so much fun with her. Loved the adorable dress and lemonade theme.

  2. Thanks! I still need to get those pictures from Connor's party edited and sent to you...I think I may just need to send you a cd of them!

  3. Everything looks so dang cute! I love the table decorations and the buffet looks so yummy--nice job. Also her little shirt is adorable! And finally, some of those pictures of Cora remind me of how Bekah looked at that age. :)