Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last living room post for a while, I promise!

I'm in the middle of working on some random house stuff and creating last minute decorations for a baby shower but I wanted to post these shots of the living room put back together. I mean, you're not tired of seeing the same room over and over, right? It's just the one thing that has taken over our lives and refused to let us go. So, without further ado here is where things stand now and how it will look until after C's birthday.
BEFORE. Way before. Circa 2009.

This couch is going to go as soon as we can afford it. It's so dingy and the black has faded a ton so it always looks dusty or something.

Next in this area I need to hang some letters I bought (they will spell out "hello"...or "holel". I haven't decided.) Plus we're going to paint the front door black. Or charcoal grey? Anything other than that nasty peachy-beige that's going on now.

This side still needs tweaking but I'm okay with it for now...that stack of books on the floor has to go though.

We re-hung our curtains higher and now they need to be hemmed and ironed. But let's be honest, that's not going to happen anytime soon. I love my midcentury chairs though. Me love them long time.

This whole grouping is coming down and getting rehashed. See how my cool book cover art is falling down inside the frame? C likes to kick her wall (just on the other side) and it knocks stuff off of the walls. Not cool babycakes. Not cool. 
Oh, and I just noticed that the baseboard isn't finished in this corner, so that will have to be done before the party. Blerg.

***note: the two bookshelves on either side of the tv console dresser thingy were made using free plans from Ana White found HERE. Thank you Ana for doing what you do so we can do it too!***


  1. Your floors look great! Nice job...

  2. Looks really good! I love those floors!!! And nice shout-out to Ludo there! :)

  3. Enjoyed ALL of this so much! Thank you for sharing and GREAT JOB!!!

  4. Wow, this is such an inspiring post of real color with beautiful neutrals! Love everything, especially the bookshelves!